Guppie's NJ Fishing Web - Finally 5-5-11

Finally 5-5-11
Date: Thursday, May 05 @ 15:09:04 EDT
Topic: Fishing News

Went to IBSP around 7am, only caught a few skates. Around 10:30 I finally got a keeper. Only 28.5 inches but guess what I'm having for dinner tonight.
There were a few other keepers caught. The wind wasn't bad up the beach but there were bluefish in the inlet early. By the time I went down there people were leaving because of the wind.
if you're going this afternoon the wind will make it chilly but comfortable if you have dunes behind you.
In answer to everybodys question, Yes you do have to register with the state if you're going to fish for anything in the ocean. They won't send you a card, you have to wait till you get the confirmation and print it and cut out the tag. Don

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